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What is DStv Mobile for Nokia N8?

DStv Mobile for N8 is a streaming mobile TV application with 3 free mobile TV channels. It is available exclusively on Nokia N8 cellphones and is downloadable from the Nokia OVI Store free of charge.

What are the channels available on DStv Mobile for N8?

There are 3 mobile TV channels available:

  • SuperSport Blitz
  • euronews
  • Channel O

Are there any costs associated with the DStv Mobile application?

DStv Mobile for N8 is a free application, offering free channels. Please note that data charges will apply as per your data package with your mobile operator.

*Terms and Conditions apply
*Only available in Sub-Saharan Africa

How do I get DStv Mobile for N8 from the Nokia OVI Store?

Access the OVI Store via for more information or see the “How to get” section for step by step information.

Why am I required to sign-up for the DStv Mobile service if it is free?

We, at DStv Mobile, want to pro-actively understand who our subscribers are and what channels you enjoy viewing. The information you provide will assist to improve our service offering in future.  We assure you that your details remain confidential and will not be shared with a 3rd party.

Do I always need to sign-up each time I want to view the channels?

Signing up for the service is required once-off, however should you change SIM cards you will be required to sign-up again.

Are the DStv Mobile channels exactly the same as those available on DStv currently? 

Certain channels are regular as you would view them on the DStv satellite service.  Other channels contain programming that has been re-purposed for mobile viewing.   

Is there a TV guide for the channels as you currently have on DStv?  

There is programme information available for each channel which provides details of the show currently on at that time, and the time of the next show.

If I am already a DStv subscriber, do I still need to pay for this service?

The DStv service that you watch on your household television and the DStv Mobile Service that is viewed on a cellphone are two different services. The DStv service that you already have uses MultiChoice satellites and a monthly subscription fee applies. DStv on your phone uses the same data network as that used by Mobile Network Operators.  There are additional data costs associated with the delivery of the service to your cellphone using the Mobile Operator’s Network.


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